The Horizon Integrator v4 software is supplied as an Internet download. It is a self-contained installer that contains the files needed to install a copy of the Horizon Integrator v4.

Before you start

Before you start, please check you have the following:

  • A suitable computer for installation of the client software
  • Valid user login credentials
  • Local administrator privileges

Mass Deployment

Horizon Integrator v4 can be installed to the user desktop by silent mode using the command format: HorizonInstaller-

Importing Data from Horizon Integrator v3

Horizon Integrator v4 can offer to import configuration data from the Horizon Integrator v3. Data that can be imported includes:

  • User login credentials.
  • Presence window Favorites.
  • CRM integrations (including 'controlled' integrations but excluding Outlook Contacts).
  • Dialing Settings.
  • Custom Events.

Note: Integrations will still be imported as a v3 integration only, so will need to be configured again manually as a v4 integration if a new feature such as the 'Add Contact' feature is required.

The import process takes place on first login. Refer to 'Welcome and Login' for the detailed steps.

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