Welcome and Login

At the User login window, enter a valid username and password, as supplied by your service provider and click the "Log in" button:

user login window

Selecting "Auto login" will skip the user login page on subsequent start up of the Horizon Integrator software client.

Select "Advanced" for more connection options

user login advanced options


Select "Use proxy" only if required and instructed to by your service provider:

access code reset

First Login Wizard

At the first login after installation, a list of the available telephony devices for your user account will be displayed. Tick the box to enable the device to be available for use. At least one device must be selected and if multiple devices are enabled, the Preferred device can be chosen from the drop down list.

first login wizard 

The selection can be amended after login through Configuration > Devices.

Note: The Primary device must be selected for Contacts to be displayed or searched in the Presence window.

Customer Feedback

(Added in release version 4.3.5)

Send data into the software development team to help improve the product evolution.

customer feedback

Importing Data from Horizon Integrator v3

If enabled, Horizon Integrator v4 can offer to import configuration data from the Horizon Integrator v3. Data that can be imported includes:

  • User login credentials.
  • Presence window Favorites.
  • CRM integrations (including 'controlled' integrations but excluding Outlook Contacts).
  • Dialing Settings.
  • Custom Events.

user login

Note: Integrations will be imported as a v3 integration only, so will need to be configured again manually as a v4 integration if a new feature such as the 'Add Contact' feature is required.

  • On startup, user login credentials will be automatically populated:
  • Next, a prompt will be displayed confirming the CRM integrations discovered from the v3 installation. Click 'Yes' to import to Horizon Integrator v4

user login

  • Next, Presence Window contact detection will appear. Click 'Yes' to import to Horizon Integrator v4 as favorites

user login

  • Following the Presence contact importing, a pop-up message confirms the quantity imported

user login

    • The 'Presence Window' will display the imported contacts as 'Favorites' but will also display the complete User contact list in line with Large Directory Mode settings:

    user login

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